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Steven Bowes

Steven Bowes

Vice President of Wealth Management

What I do really well:


I help clients bridge the gap between their accumulated assets and their long term goals, by implementing a clear and articulate plan around how to get there.  Most people have started saving towards their long term goals, but often times they are unsure if they will have enough to achieve all of their goals; or if their current investments are being managed appropriately.  I go over all of these things with my clients and help them gain a clear understanding so that they can be confident moving forward.       


Why I get up in the morning:


Like many of my clients, I have a lot of goals and aspirations that keep me motivated every day—many of which are not strictly financial goals.  As my clients offload their financial worries and stress onto my team, this allows them the freedom to pursue all of the other goals they have in life.  I truly enjoy seeing my clients make progress towards their long term goals, and being a part of that is what motivates me every day.        


How I got here:


I received my undergraduate degree in Business Finance, and two years later I received an MBA in Finance from Western International University where I graduated with honors. As a Financial Advisor, I hold the Series 7 FINRA registration through LPL Financial and Series 66 registration through MRP.


The first 10 years of my career were spent working in various roles for the Apollo Group, where I eventually oversaw all sales and marketing staff and operations for the Colorado and Wyoming territories.  During this time I also started teaching introductory finance classes at a local college.  In 2013 I had the opportunity to work more directly in the financial services industry when I joined Merrill Lynch as a Financial Advisor.  After spending nearly 3 years at Merrill I joined MRP in 2016


Who am I really:


I am a husband, a father, a brother and a son.  I have a wonderful wife and together we have two girls and a boy.  I am an avid outdoorsman, taking any opportunity I can to be outdoors enjoying all of the beautiful landscapes that Colorado has to offer.  I love taking my family out on hiking, camping or fishing adventures.  I am also an aspiring athlete, I just recently completed my first triathlon and I’m looking to compete in (or at least finish) a few more in the future.