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Nabila Arbaje

Nabila Arbaje

Administrative Assistant

What I do really well:

I am a passionate goal oriented individual who works hard on every task assigned.  I like planning, organizing, learning new things on a daily basis, expanding my skill sets and working with people, this is where I set my standard for nothing less than excellence. I’m bilingual (English/Spanish); I have great time management skills, do well in identifying priorities and staying focused. I’m an extraordinary team player and being part of the enthusiastic, motivated and outstanding MRP team makes me feel right in my comfort zone.


Why I get up in the morning:

Vision, self-discipline and motivation to enhance my future and the future of others is why I get up every morning. Being able to contribute to help an individual on how to plan for the future gives me great satisfaction.  I am motivated to see my family succeed, help others succeed and I frequently remind myself of the words of John Quincy Adams’, - “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”


How I got here:

Before I got here I majored in Business Administration. After moving from Miami to Orlando I began working in an International department at a university that helps students in foreign countries find degree programs they can afford and to put them on paths to reach career fields they were passionate for. Since July 2016 I’ve had the pleasure to join MRP and I’m excited to see what the future holds with this great company and amazing team.


Who am I really:

I’m an island girl at heart living in the middle of America, driven by a dream that has set me on a quest for success.  Being around my family and loved ones is the one thing that genuinely makes me happy no matter what; because of them and their support I am the woman I am today.  I love to watch movies, read books, volunteer, travel to new places, work out and staying active. Most Importantly I’m always grateful for waking up every day, being blessed with the things I love, and having the opportunity to help others.