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M. Corey Whitehead, AIF®

M. Corey Whitehead, AIF®

Principal & Chief Operating Officer

What I do really well: 

What I tell committees and their employees is: if you’re aiming for nothing you’ll hit it 100% of the time. I feel the asset I bring to the team and to our client partners is a focus on results and goal driven processes to keep a desired destination in our forefront. Team work! Keeping a committee focused on the job at hand and creating participant urgency to start saving now is where I excel. Streamline the process, demonstrate value, and help our clients’ participants reach their goals; this is where the rubber hits the road. I love being on the front lines with both the employers and the employees. 

Why I get up in the morning:  

I get up because there is nothing better than a Colorado sunrise on my bike or looking over a meadow in the mountains. These are true, but I really jump out of bed because my focus has been on the “one.” What I mean is the “one” participant or committee member searching for a better retirement plan strategy. The “one” plan sponsor or employer that needs help. I find great satisfaction in the simple note or email that I receive from a committee member or participant stating, “Thank you. I understand it now.” I get up in the morning because I love to learn and further my professional background. We are fortunate in our profession to have the opportunity to touch many lives and hopefully make a difference. 

Plans I work best with: 

I work most effectively with plan sponsors and employers that want their participants to achieve retirement readiness during their careers. I also enjoy working with plans that present a good challenge. Almost all employers have the right and good intentions. However, they don’t always have the right advisor or consultant. Focusing on the participants and helping employers stay compliant with the ever changing rules and regulations remains a focus each and every day. I’ve been fortunate to work with many plan types: 401(k)’s, 403(b)’s, pensions, 457’s, non-qualified plans, cash balance plans, and money purchase plans, to name a few. There is hardly ever something we haven’t seen before. But when the time arises, the experience of our team is second to none. 

How I got here: 

Graduating from the University of Kansas in 1996, my journey started with one thing in mind: I wanted to help people. After several years in the financial services world, Chad gave me a look fourteen years ago and the rest is history. Since then, I have conducted thousands of committee meetings, investment reviews, and employee seminars. Our firm has experienced positive and steady growth every year. 

Who am I really: 

I’m a husband, father of three incredible kids, workaholic, Jayhawk, Cougar, cyclist, golfer, hunter, fisherman, outdoors enthusiast, sports junky, former basketball player, kidder, and a person that loves to have fun (after my work is done of course)! My passion and love in life is my family and a good plate of sushi.