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Karlie Larsen

Karlie Larsen

Client Service Associate

What I do really well: I love creating and maintaining relationships with people. I have a passion for helping people work towards achieving their goals and I believe the way to do that is by taking a genuine interest in their success. I am a very goal-oriented person and I love seeing hard work pay-off.

Why I get up in the morning: My passion is learning. If I knew it all, life would be a lot less interesting. There’s so much to do and learn that there’s no time to waste! I get up in the morning because every day will bring something new and different, and to me that’s exciting.

How I got here: After graduating from Brigham Young University with a degree in Public Health I spent 2 years in the healthcare field before I decided to try something new and make a switch to the financial industry. I’m surrounded by an incredible team and I’m excited to help people build and understand their retirement.

Who I am really: I am and always will be a Colorado-born girl who loves the mountains. In my free time I enjoy snowboarding, hiking, running, and traveling. I am convinced being an aunt is one of the greatest things in life and I love to spend time with my family.