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Chad J. Larsen, PRP®, AIF®

Chad J. Larsen, PRP®, AIF®

President & CEO

What I do really well: 

I’ve been very successful at surrounding myself with an incredible Team of experts that are as passionate about improving our clients’ plans as I am. I love to think big when it comes to retirement plans and I’m constantly challenging the status quo. I’m very comfortable and confident in making specific recommendations to committees and being held accountable for positive outcomes. 

Why I get up in the morning: 

  • I love success and growth.
  • I am passionate about saving money and helping employees understand the concept of “paying themselves first”. 
  • If I didn’t believe that I could make a significant difference for our clients, I’d be doing something else. 

Plans I work best with: 

  • Employers that care about the future of their employees. 
  • Employers that view matching or pension contributions as a critical investment in the future success of their employees and their business. 
  • Organizations that have high expectations and appreciate working with experts. 

How I got here: 

I consulted on my first 401(k) plan in 1990 and froze my first pension plan shortly thereafter. Nobody cared or talked about fiduciary liability or fee benchmarking back then but those are two things we were actually doing. A lot has changed and I’ve been fortunate to have had a voice to influence some of that change in the industry. I love the investment analysis and always feel that we can make bad plans good and good plans even better. My original firm was acquired by a national insurance brokerage firm in 2005 and that is when I formed MRP. We’ve grown over the years from a one-man operation to a team of 15 professionals that work with over 170 plans and advise over $3.0 billion in plan assets. It has been very rewarding, and I’m still having fun. 

What’s hot right now: 

  • Pension risk transfer, and termination, strategies. 
  • Comprehensive fee reviews and benchmarking.  
  • Participant advice, plan redesigns (match formulas), and simplifying things for both employees and committees. 

Who am I really: 

A farm boy from Southeastern Idaho that still loves wearing cowboy boots and driving my truck. I love being a husband, father and now a grandpa. I love playing baseball with my boys and spending time with my family. My degree is from Brigham Young University and I still love learning. My retirement will probably be split between time in the classroom and time in the mountains.